Terms of service

1. The agreement on granting services by service Sitepanel.in.

1.1 The given agreement determines conditions of granting of services of an automatic exchange of electronic currencies (OKPay, Perfect money,bitcoin) by Sitepanel.in service. The agreement determines rights and duties of clients on use of services of Sitepanel.in.

1.2. Use of services of Sitepanel service means the absolute consent of the client with conditions of the given agreement, and also accepting of all obligations described in the given agreement.

1.3. In case of disagreement with conditions of the given agreement, the client has no right to perform operations of an exchange in sitepanel.in service.

2. Granting of services by sitepanel.in service

2.1. Service Sitepanel.in renders clients the service of an automatic exchange of electronic currencies (OKPay, bitcoin, Perfect money).

2.2. The administation of service Sitepanel.in does not bear the responsibility and does not compensate the losses which have arisen at misuse of service and also mistakes of the client accomplished at filling of the form of an exchange which can lead to translation of means into wrongly specified account.

2.3. Operation of an exchange is considered completed from the moment of remittance of the amount by service into the clients account.

2.4. Operation of an exchange is performing automatically/semi automatically and is disposable transaction. Return of the transferred means after end of an exchange is impossible.

2.5. In some cases when when the client specified incorrect receiver details and the operation can be manually corrected before exchange operation is processed by Sitepanel.in the commission of $10 USD will be applied.

3. Conditions of carrying out of exchange operations in Sitepanel.in service

3.1. Use of service Sitepanel.in for carrying out of roguish operations, clean out of illegal incomes is forbidden. Using services of Sitepanel.in the client agrees that any attempt of an exchange roguish money will have suit on all severity of the law. The administration of Sitepanel.in service can give the information(if asked) on similar payments to law enforcement, administration of payment systems, and also victims of swindle at first request.

3.2. The administration of Sitepanel.in service has a things in possession to give up in use of services to any client on whom the suspicion will act, the complaint or the complaint from law enforcement, administration of payment systems or the user of one of payment systems.

4. The information given by the client to Sitepanel.in service

4.1. The information (the electronic address, electronic requisitions), given by the client during carrying out of exchange operation, is confidential and is not disclosed to the third parties, except for the following situations:

- by inquiry of law enforcement;

- by the decision of judgement;

- by inquiry of administration of one of the payment systems.

The administration of service reserves the right to itself at any moment to make modifications and additions to the given agreement.

 Sitepanel Admin